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Due to the success of my Psychotherapy and Counselling practice www.individualpsychotherapy.co.uk
I now work part-time as the Frome Handyman, which limits me to small jobs and projects, and/or patient customers!
Please consider this before enquiring.

With thanks,
Gary Tomkins

aka The Frome Handyman.

Frome with it's many energy inefficient traditional solid walled buildings is a prime area for insulation installation. Of all energy saving measures, insulation is always the first element to address. With energy prices soaring, effective insulation installation is the best value for money investment you can make. Installing or upgrading loft insulation with fibreglass rolls or sheeps wool is often the simplest and most economic investment to make.

Whilst other measures such as double or triple glazing, ground source heat pumps, solar panels, windmills etc. grab the green headlines, research shows that insulation offers the best pay-back time by far (its just not so visibly green).

Care needs to be taken when choosing a form of insulation and where and how it is placed, especially in the solid walled buildings of Frome. The different materials used in insulation products (from sheeps wool to polystyrene) have different thermal and vapour resistance properties.

A poorly designed insulation scheme can generate condensation, causing damp problems and decreased insulation performance detrimental to the health of the inhabitants and the building. Generally the rule is that the condensation forms on the outside of the insulation, so the nearer to the outside of the building it is placed the better. Ignorance of the principles of building design and materials can lead to costly mistakes that take some time to show up. One example of this is the present vogue for retro-fitting cavity wall insulation - the cavity is there for a purpose and filling it effectively converts it to a solid wall construction potentially allowing moisture to penetrate.

Insulation requires care in how it is placed. Cold bridges need to be avoided and it is critical that ventilation of the cold side is maintained, increased or supplied. Lighting cables and recessed lights need special attention, the latter being a common cause of house fires.

All of these considerations make insulation installation a job for someone with the appropriate knowledge. I offer professional advice specific to your property and your budget, along with a full fitting service.

Increased housing densities along with the plethora of noise making devices we have these days makes noise an instrusive and annoying problem. My Buidling Surveying training explored solutions to both air-borne and impact sound problems through the use of acoustic insulation. When considering any alterations to a building it is worth considering the placement of acoustic insulation installation rather than having the expense of having to retro-fit it.